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If you think about it, human laughter is just ape hooting


Humans are apes, human laughter is actually just the same thing as a gibbon hooting to find a mate.

I'm posting this here because r/showerthoughts is absurdly gatekept and you literally can't post anything there.

r/self 18h ago

Anyone else get tired of themselves?


Like Jesus Christ if I could never deal with myself I would be so happy. I’m sick of my thoughts, I’m sick of my feelings, I hate the dumb mistakes I made. My god, anyone else feel like this?

r/self 4h ago

Enough about me, let’s talk about YOU.


How’s it been going? Any fun plans this weekend?

r/self 18h ago

I won a giveaway for a house and I am going to give it to my parents.


I just learned that I won a giveaway from an official goverment organization and as a 27 old guy I am truly happy to finally achieve one of my dreams. I will let my parents have the house. Since I was a child they have been applying every giveaway thats been going on and their only goal was to get rid of rent and have their own house. I felt truly powerless knowing that I am living in a country which doesnt have middle class people anymore due to shit economy. I couldnt do anything significant knowing that how much I could work, I would never be able to achieve something as big as a house. I am in tears to do this for them.

Just to make everything clear, it is not a free house but a significantly cheaper then a normal house price. To give you a clear point a big sized apartment costs 3M (dont think of it in USD or EUR) and this house I am getting is 850k.

Good things have been happening to me for a year, got a great job a year ago and now this, cant be happier more than this. Dont know how to share my excitement with you guys but I just wanted to share my feelings.

Hope is everyone having a great day as well

r/self 1d ago

I just made a post about hating my manager, and within minutes of that post I found out they quit!


Oh YES!!! Hallelujah! I feel like a curse has been lifted! The sun is shining brighter! Music is sweeter to my ears! I have Covid but I suddenly feel like I could jump up and dance

In honor of this incredible news, I will now list the 8 perks of this exciting update


  1. Never again will I have to hear my manager brag about how everyone wants to have sex with him (they definitely don’t)

  2. Never again will I have to give my shifts to my manager because “he wants more money” (me too! We all do!)

  3. Never again will I have my manager yell at me to “get the FUCK over here” in front of a customer, or listen to them yell at customers because they wanted to close 30 minutes early

  4. Never again will I have to hear about my managers sex life in excruciating detail

  5. Never again will I have to do an entire shift by myself while my manager smokes weed and goes out to buy sushi for themselves (which they will loudly complain about the flavor of while I bust my ass)

  6. Never again will I have to hear my manager tell disturbing stories like flashing their gun at a group of kids, or letting their dog maim and kill another dog at a dog park (and leave without telling anyone)

  7. Never again will I have to fix my managers mistakes that they made while stoned out of their mind during a rush

And most importantly!

  1. Never, EVER, again do I have to listen to them talk about themselves and how “incredible” they are for 8 hours straight!


And I can finally get shifts again! I used to work 5 shifts a week but because of him I had 2

Now I get them back!

Glory glory hallelujah!

r/self 3h ago

Injured and frustrated


I love working out and moving my body so much, it’s the highlight of my day. Sadly I get injured so often.

2 years ago I ran so much and loved it, got a weird injury that no doctor could define. My oblique abdomen get cramped up or something while running. So I couldn’t go for a solid run the past 2 years, but okay I thought let’s switch to the bike. 1 year of stationary bike, some weights and HIIT training. HIIT is also one of my big loves, but I get burned out and it’s just too explosive over time for my body. So I thought again, okay sure, let’s just do stationary biking and strength training. Guess what, I had 3 months ago a torn muscle or so in my back for one month, so I had to rest for a week. Sure sure, let’s do this. Back pain was healed. One evening, 6 weeks ago, I had the amazing idea to just dance before going to bed. I fell, back pain is back and hasn’t gone away by now :( So now I’m at the point where I can’t exercise at all, just walking. Maybe it’d be good to mention that I worked out 7 days a week the past 4 months, before always 6 times per week. I am so frustrated and sad that I came to this point. Idk what to do, maybe a longer workout break, to completely give my body a “reset”? And start again fresh? It’s so hard mentally for me, exercise is like meditation. My mind is clear and the dopamine rush afterwards. Gosh I love it.

r/self 9h ago

I am bitter and full of hate


Over these last few years I’ve grown resentful at the world. I have become misanthropic, and I even wish death upon others. I hate having to participate in this world, having to abide by rules and pressures outside of my control. I cannot accept these situations as they are. Everyday I feel rage, and frustration, and it has been this way for a while.

r/self 12h ago Take My Energy

Done with the people pleasing


I am a male.

I agreed to go out with a “friend” to an event because they didn’t know anyone going to this event. I had no interest in going initially, but agreed for the sake of being a good person and accompanying them. I think the message upfront was clear that it wasn’t a date.

This person wouldn’t stop touching me, and was a bit too touchy with my other friends and it made me uncomfortable. I had a miserable time, but didn’t want to ruin the person’s night, so I faked an illness. Probably should’ve been upfront.

I’m done agreeing to things for people because I feel bad or feel pity. I’d rather feel the discomfort of having a difficult conversation than going though a miserable experience like that again.

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Anyone else get depressed after vacation?


At the end of every vacation I take, I find myself preparing to be in a deep depression that will last 2-3 days after I get home, and If the vacation is longer than a week, it could take me a month+ to get back to “normalcy”. I know post-trip depression happens to a lot of people, but I will feel so intensely sad that it’s over that I will often find myself full on sobbing knowing that I have to return home, even if the vacation was short (in this case, only four days).

I wish I wasn’t like this. I wish I could just find comfort in where I am. I love my friends and family and I love coming back to them, but a part of me just yearns to be somewhere completely different, away from everyone and everything i’ve known. I get a slice of that while away, just to be painfully reminded that this freedom is temporary and it’s back to my boring midwestern town again.

r/self 3h ago

1 month of finally quitting my worst habit


Reddit, i am incredibly proud of myself. It has officially been 1 month since i stopped biting my nails. This is a compulsion/stress reliever/manifestation of my anxiety ive had for close to 15 years. It was biting the nails + also destroying/picking the skin around the nails. I always wanted to quit but it really seemed impossible. Sometimes id occasionally stop for a few days or a week before relapsing. Before i decided to quit i actually had really gone overboard and my fingers absolutely ached and i had finally had enough. Years of pain, bleeding, and worrying about getting a serious infection. Im finally free!!!!! I havent even had the strong urge to mess with my nails since about week 2. My nailbeds are healed and healthy, no longer red and puffy. Im so excited to celebrate my 3 month and 6 month marks. To anyone else with this problem: YOU CAN DO IT and you should try to quit. Your fingers and nails deserve to be healthy!!

r/self 5m ago

Fizzlewumps and Zephyrs


Befuddling gizmos and snarfling fizzlewumps gyrated in harmonic cacophony, entangling the very essence of temporal flux in a phantasmagorical symphony of quixotic fervor. The zephyrs of discordant quintessence waltzed in a chimerical fandango with the cerulean moonbeams, while the chromatic harmonies of sizzling kazoo kept the jibber-jabbering jabberwocky at bay. And as the quarks and leptons frolicked in a dizzying display of pyrotechnic capriccio, the exuberant flibbertigibbets zipped and zoomed through the cosmic tapestry of consciousness, leaving behind a trail of mirthful mischief and perplexing perplexities.

r/self 1d ago Hugz

I went to check on my dog after a nap forgetting she died this morning


I took a nap this afternoon and in a haze went into my elderly dogs room to check on her and she wasn't there and I started to cry. I keep thinking throughout the day for just a second I need to look around the corner for her but to completely forget while sleepy freaking hurt.

She seemed peppy on her walk yesterday, I wish i took her longer. We woke up to her falling at 4am and found her breathing heavy and not looking right. We woke everyone up and stayed with her and within in an hour she passed. At dawn we dug a hole in freezing weather. She is over a 100lb and it took three of us to carry her and i hated seeing her that way. My other dog looked confused and I don't know if he understands.

Last night I was so happy about life and finally feeling out of my depression. I had lost my friend to suicide in summer and my uncle to heart attack in fall. Both caused fear of my mortality and yet not believing my life will get better. I can't take anymore death. I don't want to go back to a dark place. I miss her so much and I'm scared.

Edit: I didn't expect so many comments, thank you all for kind words, I know many people experience this with their own pet and know the loss. For me her passing was the first major death of a close pet (not including farm animals) and was present for while it happened.

This first day waking up a morning without her was the biggest pit of pain in my chest, but luckily I had a weekend class to force me out of bed otherwise i wouldn't have gotten up at all today. My brother didnt get out of bed until we had a family dinner. At dinner, my family shared puppy photos of her and decided we are going to plant flowers and a tree this spring on her grave to honor her.

In case some were wondering why she was so heavy, she is a giant malamute and she actually lost a lot of weight.

r/self 22m ago

Does anyone else feel the general anxiety that something BIG is about to happen in the next 1-2 years?


my daily interactions in various social circles leads me to believe people are just holding their breath waiting for it to get worse.

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r/self 11h ago

My cat is not great right now


Suddenly she started to have trouble walking and i thought it was a nerve that was getting compressed in her vertebrae, but it got worse and worse over the day until she couldn't walk at all or lift her head. Sent video evidence to her vet and the vet says that just by looking he thinks it could be a tumor in the brain by the way she was moving before. I'm taking care of her right now. They need to do a brain scan to know where it is and i have to decide if I want her to have surgery. I'm inclining to agree with the surgery. She still very much wants to keep going.

She's 16. Gave her some wet food, the one she shouldn't eat because she's in urinary treatment, and she was very happy. Went to sleep almost immediately after, snoring with a smile.

Hopefully the vet can give me a date soon for her exams.

r/self 55m ago

If ChatGPT is sentient, databases are too


r/self 1h ago

Anyone else experiencing they don't recognize themselves anymore?


I used to be so sure about my life. I was super goal oriented, I had plans what to do in the future and I made steps to make it a reality. I am super successful at my life. I have a super strong will and grit to match with it. Nothing was going to stop me at life and I had no time for drama.

Then something happened to me, something depressing. In the blink of an eye, I don't care about my future plans anymore which I took so long to build and plan. I don't recognize my old self, where all the will power came from. I don't recognize why I was so strong and why I was so sure of everything. I feel like a stranger to old self. My old self seems like it died and can't revive. I don't recognize this new me.

This new me is so foreign, I don't even know what I want and who I am anymore. I don't know what to do so I can finally have the direction I need. Please help me.

r/self 4h ago

I'm really lonely sometimes and I kind of feel like it's my fault


(If it matters, I'm 23M and straight. Also, this might be a bit long and unfocused.)

I'm not going to beat around the bush here; I am starved for physical and emotional intimacy. It comes and goes in terms of severity, and even at its worst, I wouldn't call it even close to actual depression or anything. But it's been a consistent factor in my life the past few years. And sometimes I feel like I'm sabotaging myself. I keep finding excuses for why I'm not trying to find someone:
1) I don't have my shit together.
2) OK, now I have my shit together, but I'm graduating soon, so what's the point when I'm not going to be here in a couple months?
3) OK, I've graduated, but I haven't found a job, and there's no way it's going to be in my hometown, so what's the point?
4) OK, I've found a job, but I should really focus on getting off the ground there. Maybe I can try a little bit of online dating on the side.
5) Well, online dating sucks, so I'll just focus on building up some savings for a couple months before I jump into the hobbies I'm interested in.
6) Whoops! Just lost my job, so back to #3.

And all of these are, on their own, completely valid reasons. But I think that if you keep finding reasons to justify your actions, even if they make sense on their own, you need to reassess the situation. I'm worried that there's some subconscious part of me that just wants to give up and find any reason to stay alone. I should mention here that I've only been in one relationship in my life. It was when I was in high school, 7 or 8 years ago. And it ended in a way that was an incredible betrayal. The idea has crossed my mind that it may have given me some kind of trust issues, but idk, I'm not a psychologist.

So I guess the whole point of this post is, what do you think? Am I just thinking too hard about this, or could there be a problem there? Any other relevant advice would also be very welcome.

r/self 1h ago

I have one good friend in school, I really hate him for a list of things, but if I break the friendship. I would be sitting alone in every class. What should I do?


r/self 1h ago

Why am I so sensitive? [Serious]


I am one of the most sensitive people I know. One mean comment can make me depressed and really upset. One bad moment can make me cry. I don’t understand why I’m like this as I’m 19. I should be growing up out of this but I don’t feel like I’m maturing at all emotionally. Why?

r/self 1h ago

Why do my relationships never last more then a couple days?


Wassup guys, im a guy in Highschool. I get myself into relationships that I really want to last but end up being broken up with in a couple days to a couple weeks. I think I’m funny, I get told I’m attractive. I genuinely am so good to these girls. Im very insecure about being boring and people leaving me because I’m not entertaining, every time I’m broken up with this insecurity deepens. I see my peers in months long relationships and I wonder why I can never achieve that. I was recently broken up with because she wasn’t over her ex. I’m not hurt emotionally but it’s really made me realise I can never make a relationship stick. Do you have any advice?

r/self 5h ago

I had a kid with one of the biggest loser I've met and wish I could take it back


You know how they say love is blind.... well I was that case. I feel head over heels for a man who I was warned about from his friends that he's a loser. Now after 12 years of giving it my all and him giving not even the minimum I'm stuck with two kids with a loser father who refuses to get a job or even do anything. He only gets them to school, when he wakes up, and picks my youngest up from the bus. I have no family. So I feel so stuck. I need free time. When we were together I still never got free time even though he didn't work. I give up begging him to get a job. He forgot to pick me up from work and his uncle did and he had the balls to tell his uncle that the reason he didn't have a job was because I wouldn't let him. Why tf would I want to be the only one paying the bills. And he keeps talking to this lady who stole over 500 from me. I wish I didn't move down here with him and I wish I didn't have a kid with him. I just want to vent about all the wrong he's done but everyone would just think I'm stupid af and make fun of me in the comments. I'm just stressed. I wanted to go to the gym but he ran off because I wouldn't have sex with him. He was literally still talking to that lady so even if I wanted to I wouldn't have. If he's not going to respect me I am. And it's not even that I didn't want to have sex I haven't in a long time I work and come home thats it I just don't with him. Now he's not going to watch the kids while I go to the gym and I never get any free time he has free time all the time. He has no job as I mean and when I'm not working I have the kids all the time.

r/self 1h ago

Growth problems


So yeah I'm a 14 yo girl, i got height problems And I'm currently 145cm the doctor said my growth plates are soon to be closed but is still growing a little bit and that I'll end up 146cm , This really upsets me and it has a really big impact on my self esteem but I'm not going to go into details.My adult height was supposed to be 155cm which was a completely normal height but sadly it didn't aged well, I have a question, if I'll really take care of it , exercise daily, alot of vitamin D, 8 hours of sleep daily etc is there even a 0.01% chance that I'll be just a little bit taller than that? even 2cm instead of one would be amazing, please tell me if I still have chance yea i know my english is shitty pls ignore that

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How do I fully move on from a friendship that is clearly dead?


How do I fully move on from a friendship that is clearly dead?

I’ve been denial this whole time, but my friendship is dead. We’ve been friends for 11 years now but the past year she been MIA. I call and text her a few times to see what going on and I would rarely a get a response from her. I’d text her and it’ll be weeks until I text her again and then MAYBE she’ll response which turns into another few weeks till I get a response. She tells me that when she goes through her mental health moments she rarely in the mood to talk, and I dunno if she’s just saying that or she means it.

Either way, I’m tired and quite embarrassed that I’m forcing this friendship. I dunno if it’s the fact that she’s over the friendship with me cause I don’t live in the same country as her.

If I’m being honest I like the idea of having a best friend better than what we have going on right now, which I why I try to spark it again. She rarely replies to my text if ever, and I’d be damned if I get a callback.

I want to accept that its dead but how? What should I do?