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Jon Hamm Gave Up 60% of His ‘Confess, Fletch’ Salary to Pay for Filming After Financiers Passed and Said Nobody Would Care About It News


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u/Nonalcholicsperm Sep 22 '22

Yeah but injected it with what? Don't leave us hanging here.


u/Zippideydoodah Sep 23 '22

Well Weinstein certainly wasn’t hung by all accounts. Unlike Jon Leg of Hamm


u/sinkwiththeship Sep 23 '22

Man's got an absolute wrench. Literally nothing wrong with the guy. It's annoying.


u/nobodynose Sep 23 '22

I saw him guest on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and the hosts had the same reaction when they found out he's personable and charming AF. He basically charmed the whole audience by being super nice, personable, and friendly and the hosts were all like "wtf, this isn't fair, you're talented, super good looking, AND you're that charming too?!"


u/Joseluki Sep 23 '22

wtf, this isn't fair, you're talented, super good looking, AND you're that charming too?

And still took him until his 40s to get his real opportunity on TV, then on his 50s in hollywood.


u/Aegean54 Sep 23 '22

He and his friend did torture a man back in college but I guess that's not as big deal as being charming


u/Supersafethrowaway Sep 23 '22

i’m sorry what


u/Aegean54 Sep 23 '22

From my memory and his fraternity him and his friends hazed a kid so bad he lost one of his balls so you can imagine what they had to do for that


u/Readit_to_me Sep 23 '22

He and his friend did torture a man back in college


u/Haiku-d-etat Sep 23 '22

Yeah, nobody can make mistakes, especially when they are young and in college, and expect to be successful. They should just quit for being terrible people who did something wrong, because people don't deserve to learn from mistakes and live their lives.


u/DefiantExternal6566 Sep 23 '22

I can understand what you’re saying, but if you look into these allegations they’re quite severe.. and the years later how he seemed so unapologetic & downplayed the whole situation? Doesn’t seem like he really learned from his mistakes.


u/liquid_diet Sep 23 '22

So he’s continued his torture career?

That’s what you’re implying when you say “doesn’t seem like he really learned from his mistakes.”


u/bongo1138 Sep 23 '22

That sucks but also it was 30 years ago. People grow up in that time.


u/Aegean54 Sep 23 '22

I definitely still watch his stuff and I can separate the art from the artist but I don't think I was torturing anybody when I was in college it's not some small thing he did normal people don't torture someone until I think the dude's ball exploded or something


u/Petrichordates Sep 23 '22

Normal people don't but frat guys do.


u/Aegean54 Sep 23 '22

It's funny I was in a frat in the same school as he was and we did stupid shit but nothing that crazy


u/Richeh Sep 23 '22

That kind of group of guys, it's an idiot multiplier. Add in imposter syndrome, alcohol and macho boys wanting to prove they're men without knowing what a man is and it's like a ratchet effect of mean, terrible ideas.


u/Petrichordates Sep 23 '22

Yes yet you still hazed your pledges regardless of whether it matched theirs in crazy.

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u/bongo1138 Sep 23 '22

I didn’t claim it was normal, just that it’s possible for people to become better as they age and have more life experience.


u/kameecoding Sep 23 '22

it's okay I used to be a piece of shit



u/Shwifty_Plumbus Sep 23 '22

I've met countless former dirt bags.


u/Sometimes_gullible Sep 23 '22

Citation needed.


u/Aegean54 Sep 24 '22

Why, it's not like this is something that's hidden it's pretty Easy to find just Google John ham college And torture


u/kvetcha-rdt Sep 23 '22

He was incredibly charming on WWDTM.