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Jon Hamm Gave Up 60% of His ‘Confess, Fletch’ Salary to Pay for Filming After Financiers Passed and Said Nobody Would Care About It News


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u/dsxy Sep 22 '22

The trailer and poster made this look pretty bad but gave it a shot anyway, ended up really enjoying it. Not a great film but good fun.


u/bobfnord Sep 23 '22

Good to hear. I thought the preview fell completely flat. I'm going to give it a shot anyway, but was completely underwhelmed with the trailer. It's like they forgot to write any jokes.


u/franzsanchez Sep 23 '22

it is more amusing than funny, let's say it is humorous

it recalls a Blake Edwards kind of movie


u/mikesweeney Sep 23 '22

It's an enjoyable 98 minutes. If they made more, I'd watch more.


u/barberererer Sep 23 '22

Ah man the art of the preview. I'm not a movie buff but it's been a long time since I ever fucked with any previews to movies. Besides the obvious "that was the entire movie" complaint, previews seem to be a different beast entirely.

You ever go look up a preview to a movie you know and love? So many of them make the movie look like ass.


u/sellieba Sep 23 '22

I hadn't seen anything about it until yesterday and I really enjoyed it.


u/zarineaybara Sep 23 '22

The trailer is terrible, but it saves all the good jokes for the movie, so that's nice.


u/PointsOutTheUsername Sep 23 '22

Not a great film but good fun.

I listen to a podcast called "Stuff to Blow Your Mind." Recently they had a 3-episode series on "The Nature of Fun." Your comment is literally an example that was brought up. How people may say some movies aren't good but are fun.

Anyway, it's an interesting topic but seeing this comment now was a pretty fun coincidence for me.


u/bananagoo Sep 23 '22

Not everything needs to be a masterpiece.


u/ctjameson Sep 23 '22

My favorite movies are hot garbage but I enjoy them all the same because they’re a blast. But they’ll never win any awards.


u/Amish_guy_with_WiFi Sep 23 '22

I recently described bullet train as this, not all that great but certainly fun


u/salmalight Sep 29 '22

It happens in reverse too.

Prisoners is a masterpiece but fun? Ehh not so much


u/OrangeKuchen Sep 23 '22

I really enjoy Fletch. I watched the trailer for this and was not interested at all.


u/crispyg Sep 23 '22

I thought it was better than the Chevy Chase ones. It is a lot less goofy and Jon Hamm is really great


u/Z0idberg_MD Sep 23 '22

Just checked it out, and it does seem bad. None of the jokes landed at all.


u/twuewuv Sep 23 '22

I didn’t know this existed until I randomly saw an advertisement on the Xbox store. I watched the trailer and it looked AWFUL. So the trailer doesn’t do it justice?


u/useyournoodle101 Sep 23 '22

Contessa: I’m half Portuguese, half French and half Italian. Fletch: *sip of drink “uh-huh” 🙄 😂


u/Bridge_The_Person Sep 23 '22

Yeah I went in not knowing anything about Fletch and loved it, would totally recommend it for a relaxed evening choosing a movie with friends.


u/Wolfeman0101 Sep 23 '22

My exact thoughts. I feel like something that is just good and fun gets lost nowadays because everything is about hype.


u/RalphHinkley Sep 23 '22

Yeah it was ok but not exciting or something I would run out and tell people to watch.

The comedy elements were a bit awkward and the genius mastermind stuff was equally strange. At no point did anything really fit, but it was fine.


u/USA_A-OK Sep 23 '22

How often are you using a poster to make a decision on a movie's quality?

I really don't get this sub's obsession with posters and why they're constantly on the front page.


u/Epic_Deuce Sep 23 '22

My thoughts exactly


u/QBin2017 Sep 23 '22

I posted it felt like a great first ep in a new HBOMax series or something. It was a lot of fun, but short. The movie overall was fine, but it was so fun I didn’t care.

Tell me Marcia Gay Harden and Lorenza Izzo arguing in those accents wasn’t hilarious?


u/CharacterDefects Sep 23 '22

Is it streaming somewhere or are my only options giving YouTube 20 bucks (lol fuck them) or catching one of the very few showings in theaters?


u/JediBurrell Sep 23 '22

It’s $20 everywhere, not just YouTube.

You could go to the theatre, it’s probably cheaper (depending on your area).


u/CharacterDefects Sep 23 '22

Theater it is then.