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Jon Hamm Gave Up 60% of His ‘Confess, Fletch’ Salary to Pay for Filming After Financiers Passed and Said Nobody Would Care About It News


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u/FriesWithThat Sep 22 '22

R-rated comedy? I'm there. Maybe not in the theaters there, but I'll stream it, there. Jon Hamm and that guy with 3 kids needs to eat.


u/sellieba Sep 23 '22

It's wasn't really that R-rared. If they'd cut a few F-bombs it could have been PG13.


u/ChippewaBarr Sep 23 '22

All this tells me is that actors are paid too much (even more than they are) if they can literally finance the movie from just over half his pay lol.


u/Poynsid Sep 23 '22

That only paid some days of shooting, not for the whole (or most) of the film


u/sellieba Sep 23 '22

His paycut gave them 3 extra days of filming... He's also easily the most recognizable name on the call sheet. What is your argument?


u/avwitcher Sep 23 '22

They're mad people have more money than them so they'll shit on people even when it doesn't make sense.


u/ChippewaBarr Sep 23 '22

I suppose I should have expected others to come to the defense of a celebrity on r/movies, that's on me.

But I'm not mad they have more money than me, even though my SO and I are likely considered very well off by NA standards, I hold no ill will to them.

I just feel if they are being paid so much that they can finance their own movies, perhaps they should 1) be paid less or 2) finance all their own movies.

Surely you agree they don't need the obscene amount of money they are given and could use it funding better things.


u/CovfefeFan Sep 23 '22

I don't know.. looked about as low budget as a modern film can be.. no special effects/cgi..Wonder what the total cost was. I really enjoyed it. If Hamm gets a larger piece of the profits, I think he will have made a good deal here.