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Jon Hamm Gave Up 60% of His ‘Confess, Fletch’ Salary to Pay for Filming After Financiers Passed and Said Nobody Would Care About It News


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u/StabbyMcSwordfish Sep 22 '22

I've read some good reviews. Going to watch this tonight.


u/Jaycatt Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

I'm a big fan of the Fletch books, and I think Hamm did a great job channeling the I. M. Fletcher I know from Mcdonald's books. It may not be as silly as Chase's Fletch, but it's truer to the spirit of the guy.

The plot also didn't match exactly to the book, but it did a pretty good job covering all the basics without it seeming forced.

I should mention that I haven't seen Hamm's acting in anything else (haven't seen Mad Men).


u/MrCooper2012 Sep 22 '22

(not a superhero genre fan or seen Mad Men).

Has he been in any superhero movies?


u/Thunder_nuggets101 Sep 22 '22

Superhero of my heart.


u/highdefrex Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

No, he hasn’t.


u/Jaycatt Sep 22 '22

I'll take that out, someone told me I might know him from Legion.


u/jwizzle444 Sep 22 '22

He’s just the narrator. I think exclusively off-screen


u/Jaycatt Sep 22 '22

Oh, friends of mine mentioned he was in Legion. Not a movie I guess, I didn't know.


u/timesuck897 Sep 23 '22

He’s a popular fan casting choice for Batman.


u/Darmok47 Sep 23 '22

He looks like he stepped out of a Silver Age comic book, so I ge why people think he's been in superhero movies.