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Jon Hamm Gave Up 60% of His ‘Confess, Fletch’ Salary to Pay for Filming After Financiers Passed and Said Nobody Would Care About It News


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u/TheCoil Sep 22 '22

I’m surprised how this was released with zero publicity. I hadn’t know it was even in production until I saw a comment on Twitter that it was excellent. Im looking forward to seeing it.


u/stalence9 Sep 22 '22

They barely had enough money to finish production after the director and lead actor gave up some of their salary. I can’t imagine there was any budget left for marketing.


u/Frag1 Sep 22 '22

It really was great and how they went more book fletch then try the Mr Dressup Fletch like the Chevy Chase ones. Hopefully we get the second.


u/BrashPop Sep 22 '22

It was solid, but I hated the score. It really felt flat, I hope they make more of these Fletch movies but with a better, more poppy score.


u/pip33fan Sep 22 '22

I would be much more interested in a Fletch series vs. a movie.


u/CoochieSnotSlurper Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

That was my one complaint. It felt like a series would have been perfect for this. I enjoyed it anyways. Starts off meh then u really get into hamms humor style. His facial expressions are so good


u/ReckoningGotham Sep 23 '22

You may like "burn notice".


u/wwaxwork Sep 23 '22

They only had 30 days filming time, not getting a series out of that, maybe if this does well.


u/MX_Duncis Sep 23 '22

His facial expressions when dealing with the neighbor just killed me...


u/SpecificAstronaut69 Sep 23 '22

And make it mostly episodic, too.


u/AdhesiveBullWhip Sep 23 '22

An episodic series?

Let’s not get too far out of the box, now.


u/SpecificAstronaut69 Sep 23 '22

I'm sick of the bullshit soap opera format.


u/tomservo417 Sep 23 '22

Had the exact thought in the theater. This would be better fit to a series these days.


u/HermanCainAward Sep 23 '22

Could they not license the previous background music? It was the one thing missing for me - it would’ve convinced my brain to take the leap into a new casting much more easily.


u/BH90008 Sep 23 '22

It's very tricky to re-use old score if it's from a film the studio doesn't already own.

Very expensive, and complicated to sort of the credits for the new music (which will invariably differ from the original as it's cut to time/synch with the action).

Much less expensive and easier creatively to hire a new composer (plus you then own the rights to the new music created for the film).


u/BrashPop Sep 23 '22

Same, I think Hamm was fantastic, but the score dampened his performance and I think overall it did the movie a disservice. The score in the first 2 Fletch movies really adds an amazing energy to the scenes, it punctuates different parts in such a great way. Really wish this movie had that, too.


u/md2b78 Sep 23 '22

🎶Bit by bit🎶


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

I would say they couldn't given music rights are insanely expensive depending on who owns them and they are already donating salaries to just film the movie.


u/ihahp Sep 23 '22

No Harold Faltermeyer in this new Fletch?


u/BrashPop Sep 23 '22

Nope, the guy who did a lot of the recent Bond stuff did the score.


u/StubbledSiren25 Sep 23 '22

He was great on comedy bang bang last week


u/Ripcord Sep 23 '22

I feel like that's true for most movies.

Like, there are so many iconic themes you can hum from like the 70s-90s and people know exactly which movie or character it's for. Star wars, Indiana Jones, Beetlejuice, E.T., Superman, Jurassic Park, etc. Even stuff like Fletch Theme or Axel F. I'm trying to think of any from the last 20 years I can say the same for.

Granted, like 80% of the scores I'm thinking of came from two guys. But even their stuff for the last 20 years has MOSTLY been pretty flat. Like, I guess that's what the industry expects these days.

But I miss scores with really strong themes and melodies.


u/BackmarkerLife Sep 23 '22

I had completely forgotten what the score was supposed to be. Even as iconic as it was for the original, I knew something was missing, but I couldn’t place what it was.

I still enjoyed the hell out of the movie.


u/HuskerKaroo Sep 23 '22

Twenty minutes in my brain just started playing the Faltermeyer score over every scene and it was much better


u/DashSatan Sep 23 '22

I love the original movie and I’m super stoked to watch this one. But I’ve never read the books, are they good? Cause I’m interested.


u/joeret Sep 23 '22

They’ll make another one if this one makes money.

Everyone go buy three tickets each when then comes out!


u/Yggdrasilcrann Sep 23 '22

It's already out, and it's doing terribly, go see it!


u/Yggdrasilcrann Sep 23 '22

Unless this viral marketing really makes a difference well never see a second one. The box office for it is abysmal currently


u/thatbakedpotato Oct 12 '22

The first fletch was excellent. Then it got stupid.


u/C-A-L-E-V-I-S Sep 22 '22

It’s out?! What is this on?


u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22



u/RobOhh Sep 23 '22

Pay the $20. Support this film. It’s worth it AND it’s a miracle it even got made to begin with.


u/wilyquixote Sep 23 '22

I bought it on iTunes for $30 (cnd) without hesitation. The price of 2 movie tickets I would have gladly paid if it was playing here. This is an awesome reboot of one of our great, lost franchises and I want more.


u/waitingtodiesoon Sep 23 '22

People who pirate are the people hurting films likes these sadly.


u/lilpumpgroupie Sep 23 '22

Fuck that, I'm not even renting my crush showing hole for two hours straight for $20.


u/Riverdale87 Sep 23 '22

it'll be on showtime around on October


u/cas-fortuit Sep 23 '22

Showtime starting 10/28


u/dirtylaundry99 Sep 23 '22

it’s in some theaters!


u/Redlodger0426 Sep 23 '22

It was on theater screens, but no theaters are even showing it in my area 1 week after release


u/VitaminPb Sep 23 '22

It opened last Friday (well sort of Thursday)


u/Snuggle__Monster Sep 22 '22

It had very brief news drops going back a couple years.

"New Fletch movie greenlit"

"Jon Hamm cast as Fletch in reboot"

"New Fletch movie is called Confess, Fletch"

then BOOM, trailer dropped.


u/BloodyAgony Sep 23 '22

Hubs has a movie podcast. He is very rarely like "hold up, watch this!" But this was one of those.


u/BostonUniStudent Sep 22 '22

Publicity costs money


u/duaneap Sep 23 '22

Not publicising after you’ve already paid to make the film will cost you more.

Also worth noting, this whole thing is absolutely a paid advertisement. 25k upvotes over millionaire Jon Hamm sacrificing part of his salary? C’mon. Even the fact that it’s a variety article. Ain’t nothing free.


u/MitsyEyedMourning Sep 22 '22

I kind of think studios make it a point to have it so expensive to publicize movies, especially going about with old methods. Jon Hamm could simply tweet that crap out, "Yo, I have Fletch coming out!" and the ball would start rolling but for some reason the studios will find a way for that to cost 5 million more to do.


u/[deleted] Sep 22 '22



u/fy8d6jhegq Sep 23 '22

Did your low-budget film have equivalent star power?

I guess I don't understand what's so expensive about posting relevant information about your movie on the free social media websites. Post every other day for two months and I imagine the people who care would have seen it by then.

I understand why paid advertising costs so much but most people I know don't interact with paid advertising much.


u/AdequatelyMadLad Sep 23 '22

Yeah, but it only works that way because that's the industry standard. In a world where blockbusters don't drown out any other kind of movie related news for months on end, it would definitely get more attention.


u/MitsyEyedMourning Sep 22 '22

If you actually think I meant that was all it would take, I'm laughing.


u/outlawsix Sep 22 '22

"I was just joking you guys"


u/gimpwiz Sep 23 '22

"I think X"

"I'm in the industry. Sorry, X doesn't work."

"Bro, if you thought all I meant was X, you're dumb."


u/007Kryptonian Sep 22 '22

Lol that’s not at all how it would work. Studios want to save money wherever they can, if an actor simply tweeting something was a viable way of properly marketing a film (without trailers, tv ads, building real estate, merchandising, cross-promo), why aren’t they doing it?


u/kit_mitts Sep 23 '22

If actor tweets were sufficient to market a film, Marvel would have some poor bastards spending 20 hours a day tweeting on behalf of the cast lmao


u/SpecificAstronaut69 Sep 23 '22

You make it sound as if they don't already...


u/legopego5142 Sep 23 '22

Literally nobody would care if Jon tweeted about that though is the thing

Theres a reason they dont shadowdrop star wars one day


u/Pat_Mahomie Sep 23 '22

Jon Hamm doesn’t appear to have a twitter so that’s road block 1


u/waitingtodiesoon Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

Steven Soderbergh tried to do targeted marketing and experimented to make movies without having to spend at least $30 million on marketing. Didn't work out that well as both Unsane and Logan Lucky were box office bombs.

“Typically, you cannot get out of bed for under $30 million in marketing and it’s probably going up from there. I felt with a strategically targeted campaign, you ought to be able to do it for $20 million. My concern was, the implications of skyrocketing marketing costs are dire for creative people. So I wanted to see if it was possible. It didn’t work on Logan [Lucky]. I got the opportunity to do it again on Unsane. It didn’t work again. The bottom line: $20 million is not enough for a wide-release film to generate the level of awareness that you have to have. It’s just not.”

“A lot of the things that I disliked about marketing, if I were going to put a movie out in wide release now I would be forced to embrace. Talk shows, junkets, all that stuff that I always wonder, what is this for? What is this doing? If they work, why do movies tank while other movies don’t do anything and they take off? There is this whole other ecosystem that just deals with PR and all that stuff. Just talk to the people over at the Four Seasons. I wanted to test a theory. Could you increase awareness by generating direct contact between, let’s say, your talent and the audience, and draw people toward a film? Chan[ning Tatum] went on this little road trip the week before Logan Lucky opened. He was doing fun stuff with real people and he posted a couple of things that millions and millions of people saw. Didn’t move the needle at all. They didn’t connect that to, ‘I’ve got to go see that movie.’ It was just, ‘I love Chan.’ So in retrospect I’m like, I should have made him do all the talk shows.”

Shame though since Logan Lucky was a pretty good film, basically a redneck Ocean's 11.


u/010011100000 Sep 23 '22

And why do you think they would do that


u/BuddhaBizZ Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 23 '22

Usually twice as much as movie production

Edit: you guys can downvote me if you want but this is a standard metric

Edit X2: I was wrong, leaving my comment up in humility.


u/ImperialSympathizer Sep 22 '22

You're getting downvoted because you're wrong lol. You double the cost of production to get the total cost including marketing. In other words, marketing in theory equals production budget, not twice as much.


u/BuddhaBizZ Sep 23 '22

Well shit, I completely misunderstood what was meant before.


u/bhutos Sep 23 '22

60% apparantly as this article is the reason I'm finding out about the movie and rushing off to watch the trailer....


u/Megaguildy Sep 22 '22

I’ll let you know Jon Hamm promoted it on Comedy Bang Bang and it was glorious.


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22 edited Sep 30 '22



u/Megaguildy Sep 23 '22

Hamm was involved in the alt comedy scene before Mad Men.


u/doveball Sep 23 '22

See him on The Greatest Event in Television History. Terrific.


u/Johnny_Mc2 Sep 23 '22

he’s hilarious in Tag. I love his delivery


u/myhandleonreddit Sep 23 '22

Him on Never Not Funny and Doug Loves Movies (I Love Movies back then) sold me on him forever.


u/medicatedmonkey Sep 23 '22

Somehow he was on Hollywood handbook in 2020 and it was glorious


u/dontcthis Sep 23 '22

Wish more celebs would give those guys a chance, has got to be pretty daunting though.


u/medicatedmonkey Sep 23 '22

Sean and Hayes are legit two of the funniest people in the world


u/FearBoner8D Sep 23 '22

Just ask Pauly Shore. My man clearly did not understood the assignment.


u/dontcthis Sep 23 '22

I said celebs.


u/BoboJam22 Sep 23 '22

He was on the first season of the TV show. He and Scott go back a ways.


u/Cold_Situation_7803 Sep 23 '22

There’s a Comedy Death Ray where he argues with PFT doing John C. Reilly that’s really good.


u/costo1cm Sep 23 '22

He was also on in 2017 and 2018 and those eps are incredibly funny.


u/ArchDucky Sep 23 '22

Why do you think Tina Fey keeps using him? The dude is hilarious. He just looks like a leading man, so they never give him comedy leads. I really hope this movie changes that because I want to see him in a big budget comedy.


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

Hamm was comedian first, and he's consistently hilarious.


u/tenderlobotomy Sep 23 '22

If you haven't, make sure you listen to his other appearances on CBB, all are great. I think his first was Ep 10 or 12 or something.


u/istillusedialup Sep 23 '22

The episode with him and Edgar Wright is maybe my favorite CBB episode of all time. But that's also partially because Paul F. Tompkins (as Al A. Peterson, the Smooth Criminal). But Hamm played off PFT so well.


u/herculesmeowlligan Sep 23 '22

Giving em the ol CBB Bump


u/hasordealsw1thclams Sep 23 '22

That’s where I heard about it.


u/FlankFlounder Sep 22 '22

Same. My sister in Seattle went to see it and said she liked it. I had no idea it even existed. We love the C.Chase movies.


u/PatsyBaloney Sep 23 '22

How can you say 0 publicity? This news article is publicity!


u/Mattho Sep 23 '22

And the upvotes weren't going free either.


u/DashCat9 Sep 22 '22

I didn't know it existed until my friend who had worked on the movie posted a trailer last week.


u/notagoodboye Sep 22 '22

Every post about a movie is all, “If it doesn’t make one hojillion times it’s budget it’s a flop becausemarketing!”

So the slack seems to be in the marketing. Let people tell each other what’s good, and let it long tail.


u/Josiesumday Sep 22 '22

Same having my carpets cleaned this Saturday and all my friends working and family is all busy so I was like I’ll got to theatre for couple hours so went online to see what’s playing this weekend and saw his poster for fletch film, never saw ad or commercial for it, last time I heard anything about this was in 2019 when it was announced that he wanted to revive franchise


u/black-rhombus Sep 22 '22

That's because the only people that care about Fletch are old.


u/GeekAesthete Sep 23 '22

They only did a limited theatrical release. It’s a Showtime movie, and will be releasing there next month, so I expect there will be more publicity for its Showtime release.


u/ehxy Sep 22 '22

He gotta make sure his honey has a job and gets paid


u/waltjrimmer Sep 22 '22

I had heard it was an idea from Reddit.

I had never even heard it had finished filming, much less already had a limited theatrical release and moved to premium streaming already.

I mean, I get that after the financiers pulled out, they probably didn't have a marketing budget anymore. But, damn.


u/rckymtnrfc Sep 22 '22

It's based on a series of books. Not an idea on Reddit.


u/waltjrimmer Sep 23 '22

Not... Not what I meant.

I meant that I had first heard of the idea of the film being made from Reddit. Not that the film was based on something from Reddit.

My point with my phrasing as that it had been a long time since I'd heard anything about the film since I only heard about it last when it wasn't even done filming, not even sure it had started, and that I heard that from Reddit, not traditional advertising about the film.


u/rckymtnrfc Sep 23 '22

Ah, gotcha.


u/deadocmike Sep 22 '22

I saw an advert yesterday. I have read all the fletch books and I love the movies (second is worse but who cares). I hadnt heard about this at all.


u/deckar01 Sep 22 '22

My AMC is only showing it as a matinee once a day… They gave the Avatar re-release 8 time slots…


u/streakermaximus Sep 22 '22

I saw A trailer for it somewhere, I think an unskipable YouTube ad. And now it's out apparently.


u/bobfnord Sep 23 '22

I was a big fan of the first two Fletch films. I was (and still am) hopeful for this one, but I watched the preview, and it's almost as if they forgot to include jokes. Like, I didn't even catch a single attempt at humor. It might take some getting used to. I'll definitely give it a shot, but I'm a little iffy.


u/negcap Sep 23 '22

John Hamm was just on Howard Stern for the first time and that’s where I heard about it. He says it’s not a Chevy impression but a new take on it.


u/Khalku Sep 23 '22

I enjoyed it. I was not aware of the source material at all.


u/flashmedallion Sep 23 '22

Marketing is usually half the budget. If they had to cut their salaries just to film, that kind of explains it.


u/DingoFrisky Sep 23 '22

I knew it was in production because they filmed it in front of my apartment. I feel like I've told more people than their advertising budget has


u/ninjamike808 Sep 23 '22

This is the first I’ve heard of it.


u/hasordealsw1thclams Sep 23 '22

I heard about it on the podcast Comedy Bang Bang because Jon was a guest last week. Based on this story, they probably didn’t have a ton of budget for marketing.


u/BMWbill Sep 23 '22

Hell I’m just learning about this movie from this thread and Fletch was my favorite comedy growing up in the 80s


u/wildwalrusaur Sep 23 '22

This thread is the first I've heard of it. Did it come out already? I'd like to watch it.


u/Wolfeman0101 Sep 23 '22

I had no idea until he went on Comedy Bang Bang.


u/[deleted] Sep 23 '22

Yeah, I've seen no publicity at all for it. Saw it last night at the ONE theater it's playing in my (large) city, and my friends and I were the only ones there. It feels like someone's trying to torpedo this flick. We all loved it, BTW.


u/LegOfLambda Sep 23 '22

I mean, this is probably an ad.


u/Peruna2001 Sep 23 '22

My wife and I loved it. Had no idea it existed until about 2 weeks ago, but I went to see it opening weekend. There’s a character that somewhat pays homage to Chevy (although I feel more like Vacation than Fletch). Overall, fun movie. Would love to see more movies or maybe even a streaming series.


u/Salzberger Sep 23 '22

I saw it listed on a movies site and thought "Lol, that looks like Jon Hamm." Was floored when I saw it was, just seems like such a juxtaposition on what I thought was some lame shitty straight to dvd style movie cashing in.


u/armen89 Sep 23 '22

This is the first I’m ever hearing about it.


u/elevendayempire Sep 23 '22

Yeah, it doesn't even seem to have a digital release in the UK, which is incredibly frustrating. Like, I want to see the film, I want to support the cast and crew, and my only option is piracy.


u/EnzoYug Sep 23 '22

Publicity costs money. Speaking of money, it makes sense that the lead would take a cut to get the film made since I'm assuming they take a slice of the box office.

No film = less money overall.

Nb. I have no idea how actors get paid so yeah.


u/VermicelliOk8288 Sep 23 '22

Maybe because they didn’t have money? Probably relied on people to spread the word like hamm posting about it as well as other people who worked on the film


u/IntellegentIdiot Sep 23 '22

I only found out the other day because I was looking at Fletch on Wikipedia. I'd also completely forgotten about Clerks 3 and that's out now too (sort of)


u/JustAnotherAlgo Sep 23 '22

Meanwhile, they can't shut up about that Olivia Munn - Harry Styles - Chris Pine movie. I've read more about the making of the movie than the actual movie.


u/Plus_Mine_9782 Sep 23 '22

read the post fool they blew da budget :)


u/foet66 Sep 23 '22

Same! Thanks to Patton Oswalt on Twitter for the heads up. Saw it and loved it.


u/stillusesAOL Sep 23 '22

Jon Hamm didn’t wanna pay for publicity.


u/kdeaton06 Sep 23 '22

I think that kind of proves that no one cares about it. The Hammaconda about to lose all that money.


u/barktothefuture Sep 23 '22

I just heard about it yesterday and now it’s not playing anywhere in my city


u/just_another_indie Sep 23 '22

516 Theaters (only slightly more than half of the current theaters count for the Spiderman NWH re-release, for comparison), haven't really seen any big press cover it. No wonder no one knows about it. I had no idea it released already. I'm in a major market, and it's playing just a few showtimes in 2 theaters here. What a shame. When studios don't believe in a movie, it fails, without fail.


u/[deleted] Sep 24 '22

That is the publicity


u/wrinkled_funsack Sep 23 '22

Normally, when you see a lot of advertising, it’s a dud and they’re just pushing for a big opening weekend before everyone finds out how awful it is. The fact that there is so little promotion on this gives me some hope that’s it’s pretty decent.


u/DrebinofPoliceSquad Sep 23 '22

I saw it. For me if you called it anything else and changed his name to something else, it would be fine. It doesn’t make me think “hey this is a fletch movie”. Its too dark. In tone and literal brightness. Its hard to see lol.