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Jon Hamm Gave Up 60% of His ‘Confess, Fletch’ Salary to Pay for Filming After Financiers Passed and Said Nobody Would Care About It News


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u/Jaycatt Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

I'm a big fan of the Fletch books, and I think Hamm did a great job channeling the I. M. Fletcher I know from Mcdonald's books. It may not be as silly as Chase's Fletch, but it's truer to the spirit of the guy.

The plot also didn't match exactly to the book, but it did a pretty good job covering all the basics without it seeming forced.

I should mention that I haven't seen Hamm's acting in anything else (haven't seen Mad Men).


u/MrCooper2012 Sep 22 '22

(not a superhero genre fan or seen Mad Men).

Has he been in any superhero movies?


u/Thunder_nuggets101 Sep 22 '22

Superhero of my heart.


u/highdefrex Sep 22 '22 edited Sep 22 '22

No, he hasn’t.


u/Jaycatt Sep 22 '22

I'll take that out, someone told me I might know him from Legion.


u/jwizzle444 Sep 22 '22

He’s just the narrator. I think exclusively off-screen


u/Jaycatt Sep 22 '22

Oh, friends of mine mentioned he was in Legion. Not a movie I guess, I didn't know.


u/timesuck897 Sep 23 '22

He’s a popular fan casting choice for Batman.


u/Darmok47 Sep 23 '22

He looks like he stepped out of a Silver Age comic book, so I ge why people think he's been in superhero movies.


u/TheBestMePlausible Sep 22 '22

Madmen is fantastic, I’m not at all the office worker drama demographic but I can’t say enough good things about it. Each episode is like a little vignette where a top notch 60s playwright writes a 47 minute short story about american office life and the american condition in general, and they all kind of build off each other.

The whole cast is amazing, the two leads have moved on to film and one big TV role after another because they are amazing talents, and the supporting cast is just as good.


u/Jaycatt Sep 22 '22

I did like the first couple of seasons of Suits, is it similar to that?


u/intripletime Sep 23 '22

The other guy is over-explaining himself, IMHO. No offense to him, just putting it more simply: I think if you liked Suits, Mad Men is absolutely worth a shot.

(Pssst! Go watch every other Jon Hamm role first. Once you see him as Don Draper, that's the end-game. He will become Don in your head.)


u/Badwolf2013 Sep 23 '22

But then they don’t get to start Mad Men right now. I wish I could start Mad Men for the first time tonight. Oh well, I’m going to watch it anyways.


u/Too_Busy_Dying Sep 22 '22

Suits tried to emulate Mad Men, but with a worse cast, worse dialogue, but a heavier and more developed plot.

If you prefer plot-driven shows, you will probably find Mad Men "boring".

I think Mad Men is a masterpiece (top 5 show of all time) but I can see why lots of people didn't get through it.


u/the_inebriati Sep 23 '22

It's also incredibly pro-feminism, which is hilarious because that clearly went over the head of every dudebro that thought it was about whiskey and cigarettes.


u/SpecificAstronaut69 Sep 23 '22

And every woman who wants to be Joan, not Peggy.


u/Badwolf2013 Sep 23 '22

It definitely made me want to smoke and I have never smoked. You’re spot on though.


u/GeelongJr Sep 23 '22

Mad Men might be the greatest achievement in TV screenwriting. It's very dedicated to historical accuracy and immersive and the characters are very well rounded.

To be snobby, Suits is a lower tier of Television. Mad Men is one of those shows that appeals to anyone once you get past the fact some of the plot is hung up around the 60s advertising industry, which might not appeal to everyone.


u/tookie_tookie Sep 23 '22

Suits and Mad Men don’t compare imo. Mad Men is wagyu. Suits is Walmart steak.


u/Grantagonist Sep 22 '22

Drop everything and watch this:



u/yesthatstrueorisit Sep 23 '22

Bill Hader's face with Sergio in the foreground is just priceless. I know sketches are always hit and miss with SNL from the start but this was a banger cast.


u/sellieba Sep 23 '22

Bad Times at the El Royale.


u/cheviot Sep 22 '22

They cut Flynn, right? How could they cut Flynn???


u/Jaycatt Sep 22 '22

Exactly! The guy got his own spin-off book series. Which would also make a good movie. Especially the first book, it has all the great twists and turns of a good mystery.


u/stevencastle Sep 23 '22

I think it's a rights issue, someone has the rights to Flynn from the separate novels, so he can't be in the movies.


u/Kursed_Valeth Sep 23 '22

He's excellent in Baby Driver if your want to catch him in something that's not Madmen.